Where to Eat the Best Waffles in Brussels

Are you craving the best waffles in Brussels and you’re wondering where to eat them? I’ve got you covered!

If you’re looking for a delicious treat while visiting Brussels, then be sure to try out one of the many Belgian waffle places! Whether you are a foodie or just have a sweet tooth, you’ll surely love this popular dessert.

There are endless options when it comes to choosing where to get your waffles, but I’ve compiled a list of the best ones so you can have the best experience. From traditional waffles with powdered sugar and syrup to more innovative flavors, there’s something for everyone.

Brussels Waffles vs Liege Waffles

Having originated in Belgium, the waffle is a dessert that has come to be known throughout the world as the “Belgian waffle”.

But in Belgium, you might be surprised to find out that there are actually different types of Belgian waffles to choose from: Brussels and Liege. Here are the main differences between the two:

Brussels waffleLiege waffle
Shape and sizeRectangular with well-defined edges and deeper pockets; LargerRound, with undefined edges; Smaller
TasteIt has a more neutral taste when eaten without toppings, it’s light and very crunchyIt’s made with chunks of pearl sugar which caramelize during baking, giving it a crunchy taste and more sweetness
FlavorVanilla, but also gets served with a lot of different toppingsVanilla or cinnamon

While usually there are a ton of toppings that you can add to your waffle, I also recommend you try them plain at least once, especially when it comes to Liege waffles, which locals eat almost exclusively simple.

best waffles in brussels

Where to find the best waffles in Brussels

Maison Dandoy

Maison Dandoy serves some of the best waffles in the whole city, but they are kinda on the pricey side (expect to pay around 20 EUR for two waffles with toppings and two coffees).

They offer both Brussels and Liege waffles and you can choose to add a topping or you can eat them plain as many of the locals do.

Maison Dandoy started as a small family business way back in 1829 but now has expanded into several locations in Brussels.

Their shop on Rue Charles Buls 14 is probably the most visited since it’s so close to the City Hall and Grand Place Square. However, I also recommend Maison Dandoy – Galeries, which doesn’t only have tasty waffles, but a really beautiful interior as well.

Los Churros & Waffle

Don’t be fooled by the Spanish name, Los Churros & Waffle know their stuff when it comes to Belgian waffles.

They sell both the Brussels and the Liege varieties and they also have a wide variety of toppings that you can choose from. Both their shops are pretty close to Grand Place Square. Waffles start at 2 EUR (plain).

best waffles in Brussels: Waflfe Factory

The Waffle Factory

The Waffle Factory has numerous locations in France, but only 3 in Belgium, out of which one is in the Belgian capital, on Rue du Lombard 30, fairly close to Grand Place.

An advantage of The Waffle Factory is the fact that it has quite a generous seating area upstairs, a feature not many other waffle shops have. I actually took advantage of this on a rainy day.

Their plain Brussels and Liege start at 2.7 EUR and you can add all kinds of toppings to them. They also offer savory options, which you can try for breakfast or as a snack during the day.


Gaston is a really popular ice cream shop (some might even say the best in the city), but they also serve very good waffles (both types). You can find it on Quai aux Briques 86 and I highly encourage you to try the ice cream as well if you pay it a visit.

Expect to pay 3.5 EUR for a plain Liege waffle, 6 EUR for a Brussels with icing sugar, and 2.80 EUR for an ice cream scoop.


If you want to try something a bit different, I suggest the filled waffles sold by Vitalgaufre. They’re rumored to be the best Liege waffles in town and come in different flavors like raspberry, chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, or apple-cinnamon.

You don’t need to add toppings, since these waffles will be sweet enough on their own because of their filling. This small shop is located on Rue Neuve 23/29 and a waffle costs around 3 EUR.

VeganWaf’ – Best vegan waffles in Brussels

If you are looking for a vegan option for the popular dessert, then look no further than VeganWaf’.

Not only that, but their products are also gluten-free. A plain waffle here will cost you 3.50 EUR and if you add a topping it’s 5 EUR.

The shop is located inside Galerie Agora, which is a 2-minute walk to Grand Place.

Mokafé Taverne

If you find yourself wandering through the Royal Gallery of Saint Hubert and your stomach starts to rumble, Mokafé Taverne is the place to go.

Not only do they have delicious waffles (albeit a tad more expensive than in other places), but their menu is quite diverse, with options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Plus, they have outdoor seating (meaning in the beautiful gallery), so it’s a great spot for people-watching. So grab a seat, enjoy a waffle, and take in the bustling scene around you.

Wrap up

Now that you know where to find the best waffle in Brussels, what are you waiting for? Grab your partner or a friend and head to Belgium in search of these delicious treats.

And if you’re looking to visit past the capital city, then make sure you also read my posts on the best day trips from Brussels by train and the best day tours from Brussels.

There are many options available, but my personal recommendations are Bruges, Ghent, and Amsterdam.

Happy travels~


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