Cute Instagram Stickers for Your Travel Stories (23 Sets)

Are you looking for some pretty Instagram stickers to spruce up your travel stories and make them more engaging? You’ve come to the right place!

Instagram stories are one of the best ways to keep in touch with your followers, so it’s always a good idea to make them more fun and engaging. And stickers are a great and easy way to do this.

cute ig gifs
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What’s an Instagram sticker?

Instagram stickers help you enhance your stories and make them more interesting; they are usually that extra little step that transitions them from boring to fun.

Stickers can add functionality, be interactive or simply add to your photo/video from an aesthetic point of view.

instagram stickers for stories

Here are some of the available Instagram stickers that you can use:

  • Location sticker: It lets you add a location to your story.
  • Mention sticker: It allows you to mention another Instagram account in your story.
  • Add Yours sticker: It’s a way for others to share their own stories about a topic you want.
  • Hashtag sticker: It adds a hashtag to your story.
  • Captions sticker: It transcribes your video’s audio.
  • Questions sticker: It lets people answer a question you ask. It’s a great way to engage with your current followers and ask for their opinions on various subjects.
  • Gif sticker: You can select one of the trending gifs to add to your story or search for another using the top search bar. There’s a plethora of sets that you can choose from, many of which are designed by other Instagram users. Further down in this post, I will list some of the best IG gifs that you can use.
  • Music sticker: You can select a song to add to your story.
  • Link sticker: You can add a clickable URL to your story.
  • Selfie and photo stickers: They allow you to add photos to your story.
  • Poll sticker or emoji slider sticker: It’s another great way to ask for your followers’ opinions. After you post the poll, people can vote and see the results in real time.
  • Quiz sticker: You can write a multiple-choice question with answers, to which your followers can respond by tapping one of the options you’ve provided.
  • Donation sticker: You can select a nonprofit you want to raise money for.
  • Countdown sticker: You can add a countdown and set a date and time you want it to end. Your followers can tap the arrow in the corner of the countdown to receive a reminder when the countdown stops.
  • Current time or weather sticker: These stickers are based on information from your device and your current location.

How to add stickers to your Instagram story

how to add stickers to Instagram stories

You can easily add different stickers by tapping the small “smiley face” icon at the top of your story and searching for your preferred set.

Cute Instagram stickers for stories

I compiled a list of some of the best Instagram stickers for you. Just search for the name to find any of these sets.

Best of all, you don’t have to remember all these names, just refer back to this post whenever you want to spice up your stories.

01. Cafezim: cute coffee Instagram stickers

cute coffee instagram stickers for stories

These Instagram gifs are some of my favorites and are perfect to add some oomph to your morning coffee stories.

Just make sure to take a straight-down photo of your coffee cup for the sticker to look natural. Then choose your favorite coffee gif and resize it to your preferred dimension by pinching and dragging it.

02. Boho

cute boho Instagram stickers

These lovely boho stickers are perfect to be used by feminine Instagram accounts.

03. Lizmosley

cute ig gifs

These cute stickers are named after the artist that made them, you can find her on Instagram at @lizmmosley. They work great to attract the viewer’s attention to your call to action, be it checking out your new post or clicking the link in your bio.

04. Ridhwanah

cute instagram gifs for stories

This set is great to be used with your morning stories as it has quite a few coffee and tea-related stickers.

05. Haleyivers

cute ig stickers

This set of stickers will compliment your fall stories really nicely.

06. Olly kit

cute instagram gif stickers

These stickers are very well drawn and they go well with feminine accounts.

07. Nanamo

cute instagram gifs

Simple and cute Instagram sticker set to be used for a variety of stories.

08. Laurenblair

cute instagram stickers

A beautifully drawn set of Instagram stickers, with many fall-themed gifs.

09. Vipapier: aesthetic Instagram stickers

cute instagram stickers

One of my favorite sets of gifs for Instagram stories: the stickers all have muted colors and a vintage vibe, so they work really well for feminine accounts.

You can find the artist at @vipapier on Instagram.

10. Foopklo

cute instagram stickers

A cute pink-themed sticker set for your Instagram stories from @foopklo.

11. Tonton: cute animal stickers

cute and funny instagram stickers

A really cute cat and bunny-themed sticker set for Instagram stories, that you can use to express your mood.

12. Alittlesomething: cute food stickers

cute ig gifs

An adorable and colorful set featuring many things with cute faces on them.

13. Tatianaariel

fun and cute stickers for Instagram stories

It’s a muted, girly sticker set for your stories. It also has a few good options for your winter stories.

14. Addinaf

fun instagram gifs

A good sticker set for travel accounts.

15. Kasantoro

fun instagram stickers

Another muted gif set and I really like the color combination for it.

16. Hygge: cozy Instagram stickers

hygge instagram stickers for stories

A beautiful hygge-themed sticker set perfect for the cold seasons.

17. Lizaproch

cute instagram gif set

Considering the color scheme, these cute Instagram stickers would work really good with your fall stories.

18. Gladdest

instagram gifs for stories

These Instagram story stickers from @thegladdestthingshop are so warm-toned, they should be perfect to use for your summer stories.

19. Sinalisa

white instagram stickers

A simple set with mostly white-lined stickers, that looks good on any story.

20. Plantethics

cute instagram stickers

Plantethics made some beautiful Instagram story gifs for vegans and plant lovers.

21. Kapebeans

cute and fun instagram gifs

An adorable set of watercolor stickers for Instagram stories.

22. Minimals: simple sticker set

minimalist instagram stickers

A minimalist set of Instagram gifs, that works with a variety of stories.

23. Greendotori: white line story stickers

white lines ig gifs

Another simple, white-lined Instagram sticker set.

Wrap up

Hope you will use these cute Instagram stickers in your stories and if you want to follow me on Instagram, you can find me at @andoreia, where I mainly share travel content sprinkled with a bit of lifestyle and the occasional Instagram tips.

Happy posting~

cute instagram stickers

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