10+ Dublin Instagram Spots & Where to Find Them

Are you traveling to Dublin soon and you want to make sure you’ll snap some cute pics to look back on in the years to come? Say no more!

In this guide, I curated a list of the most photogenic locations in the Irish capital and where you can find them.

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Dublin Instagram spots

01. Temple Bar

Temple Bar is one of the most iconic and famous pubs in Dublin so it goes without saying that it’s surrounded by a mass of people most of the time.

Temple Bar Dublin

Now you can make an effort and come here early in the morning or work with what you have as I did. Have your partner or your friend press the burst button and simply go with the flow.

Out of a few dozen pictures, it’s bound to have one that looks at least decent if not great.

📍 Location: Temple Bar

02. Colorful Dublin doors

The Irish capital is known for its colorful doors and I’m known for loving colors, so I had to add them to my list of Instagrammable spots.

Some of the locations where you can find them are Fitzwilliam Square, Leeson Street Lower, and Harcourt Street.

Colorful doors in Dublin

Now it goes without saying that you should be respectful of the locals and not inconvenience them when they go about their business just so you can take a photo.

📍 Location: Fitzwilliam Square, Leeson Street Lower, Harcourt Street

03. St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Honestly, I was pretty impressed with St. Patrick’s Cathedral. I thought we’d be stopping by for a short visit and we ended up spending close to an hour inside. It has some incredible stained glass windows so take your time to admire them.

You can also get a free (and fun!) souvenir inside the cathedral by brass rubbing different shapes on a piece of paper.

St Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin

But I didn’t forget that I also promised you a photogenic spot for taking pictures too. For this, head out and walk on Patrik Street towards St. Patrick’s Park. Right at the corner of the cathedral, there’s a gate and some steps down from where you can get a nice perspective.

If by chance, the gate is closed you can still get a nice view from the park itself.

📍 Location: St. Patrick’s Cathedral

04. Dublin Castle

While the exterior of Dublin Castle is not all that impressive as only one medieval tower is still standing today, the interior is another story.

St. Patrick's Hall inside Dublin Castle

My favorite chamber was St Patrick’s Hall, though you need a bit of luck on your side not to be surrounded by a mass of people when you’re visiting it.

I like to think I also gave Chance a helping hand by visiting later in the afternoon. I bought a self-guided ticket too.

📍 Location: Dublin Castle

05. St. Audoen’s Park

St. Audoen's Park

If you head towards Saint Audoen’s Church from the direction of the junction between Cook St. and High St, you’ll stumble upon a small stone arch inside the small St. Audoen’s Park that’s the perfect Instagrammable spot.

📍 Location: St. Audoen’s Park

06. Ha’penny Bridge

Ha’penny Bridge is a narrow, 19th-century pedestrian bridge across the Liffey River. As you can expect it’s quite crowded most of the time, so either come here early or get creative with your angles.

Ha'penny Bridge

I never was a morning person, so I chose the latter as you can see.

📍 Location: Ha’penny Bridge

07. Christ Church Cathedral

Christ Church Cathedral is a stunning medieval church founded in the 11th century (though some parts of it were rebuilt since then). Together with St. Patrik’s Catedral, they are the only two medieval churches in the city.

Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin

There are several spots from where you can get a good view of the cathedral, but I particularly like the perspective from Winetavern Street.

📍 Location: Christ Church Cathedral

08. Guinness Storehouse

I wouldn’t recommend visiting the Guinness Storehouse with the purpose of taking pictures, but if it’s already on your itinerary, know that there are some nice Instagram-worthy spots inside.

Guinness Storehouse

However, I particularly liked the industrial look of the windows.

📍 Location: Guinness Storehouse

09. Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre

As the name implies, Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre is a mall. What’s special about it is its beautiful glass and iron atrium.

Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre

But if you want to take photos of it, hurry up as there are plans for its demolition and renovation. In the proposed project, the impressive skylight is replaced by.. office spaces. It’s quite sad!

They also plan to change the facade of the building with something more modern.

📍 Location: Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre

10. Anne’s Lane

Colorful umbrellas on Anne's Lane in Dublin

Anne’s Lane is a tiny dead-end street tucked away between a few buildings. It’s covered with several rows of colorful umbrellas which makes it a nice photo spot.

📍 Location: The umbrellas on Anne’s Lane

11. The Old Library inside Trinity College

Out of all the places on this list, I feel like this is the hardest to photograph as it’s the most crowded in my experience.

Old library at Trinity college

However, if you can’t snap a nice photo, it’s still worth visiting because of how beautiful it is. I felt like visiting Hogwarts’ library.

📍 Location: Book of Kells experience at Trinity College


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