Instagrammable places in Vienna

Vienna Instagram Spots: 15 Amazing Photo Locations [2023]

Discover the best Vienna Instagram spots

With such a rich history, you’d expect to find plenty of Instagrammable places in Vienna. And you’d be spot on right! From baroque palaces and churches to gothic cathedrals, the former capital of the Austro-Hungarian empire has it all.

This blog post lists 15 of the most beautiful photo-worthy spots in Vienna and how to reach them. And if you’re interested in spending a few days in Austria’s capital, I’d also recommend reading my travel guide for 4 days in Vienna.

15 most Instagrammable places in Vienna

01. Hofburg Imperial Palace

hofburg palace in vienna austria

The Hofburg was for a long time the main imperial palace and winter residence of the Habsburgs, rulers of Austria. Nowadays it is housing a variety of museums as well as the President’s office and the National Library.

The most iconic angle of the huge palace complex is its entrance on one of the sides of Michaelerplatz square. Usually, you’ll also see there several horse-drawn carriages, which only adds to the charm.

How to get here: 

  • on foot: the palace is as central as it can be and you’ll probably end near it many times during your visit, even if you don’t intend to
  • bus: Hofburg stop is served by routes 2A and 3A
  • tram: tram stop Burgring is closest and is served by trams 1, 2, D, and J, alighting at Burgring
  • subway: the nearest subway station is Herrengasse (U3 line).

02. Volksgarten park

volksgarten park - vienna travel guide

Volksgarten (“Folks’ park”) is a public park most famous for its incredible rose garden that has over 3 000 rose bushes of different varieties.

My tip is to go there early to be able to take photos of the flower beds without any people in them. June, in particular, is a very good month to see the flowers in all their glory and colors. But don’t be sad if you visit the city in autumn, I was there at the beginning of October and the roses were still a feast for the eyes.

You’ll also find inside the park the Theseus Temple, the Sisi’s memorial, dedicated to the beloved Austrian empress, and the Grillparzer memorial, built to honor the Austrian poet and writer.

How to get here: Volksgarten Park is situated extremely central, across the road from the Rathaus (City Hall) and close to Hofburg Palace.

There’s a tram stop (Ring/Volkstheater) and subway station (Volkstheater) outside the park, served by the U2 and U3 metro lines and the 1, 2, D, 46, 49, and 71 trams.

03. St. Stephen’s Cathedral

st stephan church in Vienna - instagrammable places in vienna

With its main tower rising over 136m, and its roof covered by 230,000 colored tiles, St. Stephen’s Cathedral is, without doubt, one of the main symbols of the Austrian capital.

The square around it is almost always busy, so you might want to get here early for people-free photos of the gothic cathedral or simply be creative with your angles.

How to get here: Given its central location, you’ll most likely arrive here on foot as part of your city center walk anyhow.

Otherwise, you can use the U1 or U3 subway lines (Stephansplatz station). Or you can take the 1A, 2A, or 3A bus to stop at Stephansplatz.

04. Helliundleo

2d icecram shop in Vienna

Helliundleo is a low-sugar gelato shop in the heart of Vienna. It has a very cute design, made to look like a 2D drawing.

How to get here: You can find the ice cream shop at Rotenturmstraße 16-18, 1010 Wien, it is quite centrally located.

05. Belvedere Palace

4 days in vienna: top things to see - belvedere palace

The historic building complex actually consists of two Baroque palaces, not one. At present they are functioning as museums.

Even though both the Upper and Lower gardens are beautiful, I really liked how the palace was mirrored in the huge pond of the Upper garden.

How to get here: 

  • by tram: take the D line to the Schloss Belvedere stop which is right outside the palace or the 18 or O lines to Quartier Belvedere and then walk for around 7 minutes
  • by subway: take the U1 line and get out at Hauptbahnhof station, then walk for around 15 minutes until you reach the palace
  • by bus: take bus 13a and get out at Mommsengasse stop, then walk for about 10 minute

06. Hundertwasserhaus (Hundertwasser House)

Hundertwasserhaus - Instagrammable places in Vienna

Hundertwasserhaus is an apartment building in Vienna, famous for its fluid and colorful facade. You can’t visit the inside, but there are lots of photo opportunities near the building. You’ll notice that even the pavement looks like it’s flowing. It is hands down one of the most Instagrammable places in Vienna.

Tip: Across the street, there’s a small shopping complex called Hundertwasserhaus Village, and a short walk away you’ll find Kunst Haus Wien, which is another building constructed in the same style.

How to reach here: There’s a tram stop very close to Hundertwasserhaus called Hetzgasse (line 1).

07. Schonbrunn Palace

schonbrunn palace vienna - top things to do in vienna

Schonbrunn (Schloss Schönbrunn) is a 1 441-room Rococo palace situated in Hietzing, Vienna. It was the main summer residence of the Habsburg family.

While you cannot take pictures inside the palace itself, there are plenty of photo opportunities outside.

Tip: Climb the hill towards the Gloriette to view the palace and the garden from above. On your way back down, stop by the fountain and peak from behind it for a great, closer view of Schonbrunn.

How to get here: 

  • by subway: take the U2 line to Schönbrunn (best for the main entrance) or Hietzing (best for Palm house, Desert house, or Zoo) stations.
  • by tram/bus: Trams 10 and 60, and bus 10A stop at Schloss Schönbrunn, which is located opposite the main entrance. 

08. Karlskirche

Karlskirche church in vienna

Karlskirche (St. Charles Church) is an impressive baroque church, situated on the south side of Karlsplatz square. It was built in a Greek temple style and has on both sides a tall column inspired by Rome’s Trajan’s Column.

How to get here:

  • by subway: Karlsplatz subway station, where the U2, U1, and U4 lines meet
  • by tram/bus: many trams travel to Karlsplatz or the Karlsplatz/Oper stop, including those that skirt the old town -> lines 1, 2, D and 71

09. Gloriette

gloriette in schonbrunn park

Located on a hill, behind Schonbrunn Palace, the Gloriette has been used as a viewing point since the beginning of the 19th century. The huge pond in front, reflecting it will definitely make you want to take a few snaps.

How to get here: same as for Schonbrunn Palace.

10. The Maze

the maze in schonbrunn park, vienna

The Maze actually represents 3 labyrinths, located inside Schonbrunn Park. You’ll have to buy a ticket to be able to visit them, but it’s worth every penny.

How to get here: same as for Schonbrunn Palace.

11. Rathaus

christmas market in vienna - rathaus

Rathaus is in fact the City Hall of Vienna and it is an impressive Neo-Gothic building, dating from the 19th century. Sadly for me, during my last visit (October 2021), most of its facade was covered by scaffolding as the building is being restored for some time now.

How to get here: 

  • Subway: take the U2 line to the Rathaus station.
  • Tram/bus: take the 1, D, or 71 tram to the Rathausplatz/Burgtheater stop.

12. The Palm House

palm house in schonnbrun park, vienna

The Palm House or Palmenhaus is a giant greenhouse located inside Schonbrunn Park. You can visit it, but its exterior is pretty Instagrammable as well.

How to get here: same as for Schonbrunn Palace.

13. Ferstel Passage and Cafe Central

ferstel passage - instagrammable places in vienna

Ferstel passage is a covered shopping arcade connecting Herrengasse and Freyung streets. The passage is built into the Palais Ferstel, which is named after the architect that designed it.

Despite the fact that the palace was originally built for a bank, it is now most famous for its ground cafe, named Cafe Central, which offers the visitor a glimpse of the magnificent interior of the building.

Tip: Due to its popularity, you really should make a reservation beforehand if you want to pay a visit to Cafe Central.

How to get here:

  • by subway: the Herrengasse station on the U3 line is very close to Palais Ferstel
  • by bus: both 1A and 2A lines stop at Herrengasse

To see the Ferstel Passage, wander up to Herrengasse 14, where you’ll find one end of the passage.

14. Schonbrunn Park

schonbrunn park - instagrammable places in vienna

Schonbrunn Park itself is another Insta-worthy place in Vienna where you can take lots of beautiful photos. The grounds are literary huge, so even on a crowded day, you’ll be able to find a spot to have only for yourself.

How to get here: same as for Schonbrunn Palace.

15. Peterskirche

Peterskirche - insta worthy spots in Vienna

St. Peter’s Church (Peterskirche) is a Baroque Roman Catholic church tucked a few meters away from busy Graben, in the middle of Petersplatz square.

Tip: The best angle for photographing Peterskirche is from Graben, with the church being framed by the two adjoining buildings.

How to get here:

  • by subway: take the U1/U3 to Stephansplatz and then walk up the Graben
  • by bus: take lines 1A or 2A to Graben/Petersplatz

Vienna Instagram spots

The capital of Austria is a city that is both historically and architecturally rich. There are many different places to visit and things to see, all of which make for beautiful photo spots.

So if you’re looking for some inspiration for your next trip, be sure to check out these 15 Instagrammable spots in Vienna!

Happy travels~


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