Porto Katsiki Beach in Lefkada: Everything You Need To Know

Porto Katsiki is by far the most popular beach on Lefkada Island, Greece. And for a really good reason: not only is the color of the water simply incredible – I can only describe it as the result of a chemistry experiment, but the beach itself is also backed by an impressive cliff.

Since its location is a bit remote, you’ll need to do a bit of planning for your trip there, as there’s no village or town within walking distance of the beach where you can base yourself.

In this post, I’ll list everything you need to know before you visit Porto Katsiki from parking conditions to the facilities you’ll find there.

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Things to know before visiting Porto Katsiki beach Lefkada

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General info about Porto Katsiki

Porto Katsiki is located on the western part of the island where you’ll also find the other spectacular beaches of Lefkada like Egremni, Kathisma, or Milos.

They all share the same amazing color of the water, but also occasionally strong winds and big waves. This is quite important to know as they can be dangerous even for experienced swimmers.

Under no circumstances should you adventure in the water at any of these beaches when the waves are really big and even if they’re somewhat moderate you should still be cautious.

So if you are looking for a nice, shallow and kids-friendly beach, then I have to tell you right off the bat that Porto Katsiki is not it. You’re better off with one of the beaches located on the easter side of the island which are more sheltered and calmer.

You can still visit it for a day, just be really careful and maybe check the wind forecast before you make the trip there.

Porto Katsiki beach, Lefkada, Greece

Now, onto what to expect from the beach itself and other things to bear in mind.

Porto Katsiki is a fairly narrow and long beach, shaped like a crescent moon, at the base of a huge white cliff. It’s accessible by a flight of stairs: there are quite some steps involved, but it’s not nearly as bad as getting to Egremni or Milos.

Due to its popularity, it can get crowded in high season, even if some people only stop by for a few hours. I visited end of August and while it wasn’t extremely bad, it was definitely busier than other beaches that I visited in Lefkada.

The beach is made from a mix of white pebbles and sand (in terms of quantities, I’d say there are way more pebbles than sand).

As you approach its southern tip (a good spot for taking pics as you can see the coastline beyond the beach), there are only pebbles left and it’s painful to walk barefoot, so bring aqua shoes or wear slippers.

Porto Katsiki Beach, Lefkada

The water gets deep fast, I’m 1.60 cm tall (approx 5.25 feet) and the water reached up to my shoulders quite fast when I got in. Also, whenever a bigger wave would come, it would lift me so that I wouldn’t always reach the bottom anymore.

I’d say the waves were moderate when I visited, but I’d admit they made me a bit uncomfortable at times since I can’t really swim. I mean I can go for a few meters, but I wouldn’t trust my life to this skill.

There are big, round boulders in the water that your feet will continually hit on as you’ll ride the waves, so those aqua shoes will be quite handy to have. I forgot to bring my own and I regretted it big time.

Porto Katsiki viewpoint

How to get to Porto Katsiki

As I already mentioned, there’s no village or town in walking distance to Porto Katsiki, so no matter where you stay, you’ll need to travel to the beach by either car or boat (you can read my post for more info on how to get to Lefkada itself).

Most people will drive there either by personal car (which was also my case as we drove from Bucharest, Romania) or rental, but you can also hop on a water taxi from Vassiliki, book a cruise, or even rent a boat yourself.

The parking lot is decently big and when I visited it was not hard to find a spot even though we didn’t arrive in the morning. Expect to pay up to 10 euros for the whole day (even if you stay less).

If you stay in Vassiliki and don’t have a car, the water taxi that goes to both Porto Katsiki and nearby Egremni is probably your best bet. There are several companies (Agiofili Taxi Boat, Ionian Princess) that offer this service and you can go straight to the port and buy your ticket.

Ionian Princess also offers online reservations and while the booking form initially opens in Greek, there’s a small dropdown in the left-bottom corner where you can change the language.

The boat leaves at 10 AM and the return is scheduled at 4 PM. Price is 25 euros per adult, 15 euros for a child and 5 for an infant (fees not included).

From Nydri you can book a cruise that includes a stop to Porto Katsiki in addition to visiting Egremni and Fiskardo village (Kefalonia).

Porto Katsiki Beach in Lefkada

What facilities you can find at Porto Katsiki

On the northern tip of the beach, you can find one or two rows of sunbeds with umbrellas but they usually fill up fast, so if you don’t expect to get there early, then you shouldn’t really rely on them. Better to have your own towel to lie down and an umbrella.

Some people will sit at the base of the cliff to shield themself from the sun, but this can prove dangerous as boulders can detach from the rock wall and fall on the beach below.

I even heard the police will come at times to ask people to move from the vicinity of the cliff for this very reason and you might also see cordoned-off areas and warning signs.

Between the parking lot and the stairs down to the beach, you will find a few tavernas and shops. There are toilets in the parking lot, but I can’t vouch for their cleanliness as I didn’t enter.

The broken Bridge viewpoint at Porto Katsiki beach
The broken Bridge viewpoint at Porto Katsiki

The Bridge Viewpoint

If you take a look at Google Maps, you can see a trail and a point marked “The Bridge in Porto Katsiki”. This used to be a beautiful viewing point over the beach, however, the stairs were badly damaged during an earthquake to the point that it’s now cordoned off for safety reasons.

Even so, you can still get a nice view from the beginning of the path, so it’s spending a few minutes there. Just be careful where you step and don’t advance past where it’s safe to do so.

Porto Katsiki beach in Lefkada viewed from near the Bridge viewpoint

Where to stay if you want to visit Porto Katsiki

I always recommend people to stay in Agios Nikitas if they want to visit the beautiful western beaches. While Porto Katsiki is the farthest away (a 50-minute drive), the village is within walking distance of Milos and just 7 minutes away from Kathisma.

However, if you’re only interested in seeing Porto Ktasiki and maybe Egremni (they’re quite close to each other, it would be a shame not to), then Vassiliki is probably the best option. You can read my post on where to stay in Lefkada for more details.


Things to know before visiting Porto Katsiki beach Lefkada

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