how to write the perfect travel bio for instagram

How to Write the Perfect Travel Bio for Instagram

How to optimize your Instagram travel bio to get followers

The travel niche is really huge on Instagram, but many people tend to neglect their Insta bio after they first set up their account. That’s actually a mistake because when someone lands on your profile, that bit of information can bring you a new follower.

So let’s see how we can write the perfect travel bio for Instagram, that will make a person tap the ‘Follow’ button.

What is an Instagram bio?!

First things first let’s find out what’s an Instagram bio and why is it important.

travel bio example

You can find your bio at the top of your Instagram profile page, under your account metrics like the number of posts, followers, and people followed.

It’s one of the first things someone visiting your profile sees, so it should represent you, and at the same time tell the person that’s reading it what your account is all about.

How to write the perfect travel bio for your Instagram in 5 easy steps:

#1. Keep it short

While you can write longer paragraphs in your bio, doing so will determine Instagram to hide part of it under a “More” link. And I guarantee you, not many will expand it to read the whole thing. So short and sweet is what you should aim for.

In order to achieve this, instead of writing full sentences, you can use delimiters like ” | ” between your main keywords that best describe you and your content.

Emojis can be used as well to shorten the bio:

  • put the flag of a country instead of its name when you referring to your next destination;
  • use the arrow emoji instead of writing “Next to”;
  • add the pin emoji instead of “Current location”;
  • use the plane emoji instead of “Flying to”, etc.

You can also add in your bio a short quote or a clever saying that best describes you and your content or one that you really love. I list a few ideas that you can use at the end of this blog post.

instagram travel posts

#2. Add keywords to your name

Your name is displayed just above your bio, so it’s not part of it per se, but it’s closely related to it. And because it appears in searches, you should use this to your advantage by including keywords in it.

For example, I set my name to Andreea | Travel | Romania. That means that if a user searches for travel-related accounts or Romanian accounts in the search bar of Instagram, my profile should pop up in the results.

So for a travel account, I’d suggest including the keyword “travel” in your name. If you post a lot about a particular destination you could include its name as well. Or you can put the name of your own country if you want to be found by people of the same nationality as you.

Until not long ago there was only one place on Instagram where people with less than 10.000 followers could add a link: their bio.

Now the swipe-up feature has been retired and the link sticker was made available to everyone, regardless of their follower count. But the link in your bio is still very important, so you should make sure to use it by adding there your website (if you have one).

If you want to add several links (for example to your blog, other social channels, and/or an online shop) you can either use a landing page on your website (if you have one) or a service like or linktree.

lnk bio example
My lnk bio

#4. Add your branded hashtag in your bio, if you have one

If you have a branded hashtag that you currently use, you should also add it to your bio. This way, it will be easier for people to find your most important posts.

But what’s a branded hashtag you ask?! Well, it’s a hashtag that’s unique to you and/or your brand and will usually contain the name of your account.

For example, before I made this blog, I used to add #AndoreiaTravelTips to many of my travel tips Instagram posts (now I still post lots of travel tips on my IG account, but I just don’t use that hashtag anymore).

#5. Add a call to action

You should also add a CTA (Call to action) to your Instagram bio. Direct people to your website, to a new blog post, or to your other social media accounts.

In my case, I mention the latest blog posts on my website and point to my profile where I list all my posts.

Even a simple “Follow for more travel tips” could be pretty effective in convincing someone to tap the ‘Follow’ button.

instagram travel posts

Instagram travel bio ideas

Here are a few short sayings that you can use in your Instagram bio together with your keywords or by themselves:

  1. Wonder less, Wander more.
  2. Strong believer in the fact that traveling enriches your soul and opens your mind.
  3. I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s definitely on my list.
  4. One life. One world. Explore it as much as you can.
  5. Suffering from Wanderlust.
  6. I have Wanderlust: a strong desire to travel.
  7. Travel is my therapy.
  8. Travel! Money returns with time, but time doesn’t.
  9. It’s not necessary that those who wander are lost.
  10. Leave only footprints and take away only memories.
  11. Life is too short to be lived in one place.
  12. Keep calm and travel on.
  13. I’ve got 99 problems. But I am on vacation and I am ignoring them all!
  14. If traveling was free, BYE!
  15. In need of vitamin SEA.
  16. I’m in love with places I’ve never been to.
  17. Buy the ticket, take the ride.
  18. Making memories all over the world.
  19. I need a vacation for so long, I forget all my passwords!
  20. It’s bad manners to let vacation wait!
  21. A change of latitude helps my attitude.
  22. I’ve got a bad case of wanderlust.
  23. Finding paradise wherever I go.
  24. I have an insane calling to be where I’m not.
  25. Happiness is planning a trip to somewhere new.

I hope you found this post on how to write a good Instagram bio for your travel account helpful. And I’d recommend you also check my article on the best travel hashtags you can use on the platform, as well as my top apps for posting on the app and my favorite story stickers and how to find them.

Happy travels~

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