Plitvice Croatia Travel guide

Plitvice National Park: PDF Travel Guide

€4.5 (excluding taxes*)

You can get a PDF version of my travel guide about Plitvice Lake National Park for only €4.5 (excluding taxes) from my Etsy shop, PeexelPerfect.
It contains all the important information, but it’s in a more digestible format (and of course without ads!). This way you can download it on your phone to reference it during your trip even when you don’t have an internet connection.

printable travel planner

A5 Printable Travel Planner (Digital Download)

€7.5 (excluding taxes*)

This printable A5 travel planner includes the following sections (11 different pages/14 pages in total): separator, trip overview, pre-trip to dos, transportation, accommodation, attractions to visit, outfit planning, packing list, notes.

*All the prices listed on this page are in euros and without taxes, therefore the final price might be different upon purchase depending on where you live.

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